Customized Wellness Coaching

At Convenient Locations around the Seacoast Area

A slightly different spin on traditional coaching, this personalized wellness program provides a framework for the individual to turn inward, delving into the core of who they are and how they deal with challenges and intense stressors on an energetic level. We turn to meditation, yoga, and plant medicine as a way to maintain balance and resiliency. You can book these individually or as a package.

Elemental Assessment | Meditation Support | Private Yoga Class | Sacred Herbals

Elemental Assessment :: Similar to Ayurvedic doshas, we will use the Thai 4-Element assessment as a fun tool to examine the ways in which the elements of earth, water, fire, and wind show up physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Meditation Support :: Bring the unparalleled healing of meditation into your life. During this session you will learn how to set up a space that invites you to practice and will be given practical tips, tricks, and suggestions for success. We will discuss japamala, Zen, and non-suffering practices (allowing readjustment and movement during the session) to find a fit for your preferences. We will discuss places of challenge and struggle. The session will end with a guided Metta meditation.

Movement :: 1hr private yoga class, personalized to meet individual goals.

Sacred Herbal :: With guidance and by tapping into intuitive healing potential, you will create 1 of the following: A custom tea blend -OR- A unique, dowsed, sacred perfume. Cost includes materials.